Handyman Tips

Spring has Sprung

Winter is over and spring has begun. That means it’s time to put the winter chills behind us, take advantage of the longer days, get some mates around, and fire up the barbie.

Unfortunately, however spring time also calls for a spring clean. Spruce up the garden, mow the lawn, clean out the gutters, and maybe even give the house a fresh coat of paint.

We have compiled a spring cleaning checklist to help you get the job done:


  • Wash the baseboards, doors, ceiling,
    window sills and walls.
  • Wash the windows inside and out
  • Deep clean the oven
  • Clean out the cobwebs in overhead lights
  • Vacuum light fixtures and lamp shades.
  • Replace smoke detector batteries
  • Check expiration date on fire extinguisher


  • Weed the garden
  • Prune the shrubs
  • Rake the leaves
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clear any loose branches or debris.


  • Clean out the pantry
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Vacuum and mop under and behind the

Decking & Driveways:

  • Sand and varnish the deck
  • Clean and patch up any cracks in the
  • Pressure clean the driveway


  • Clean out the pantry
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Vacuum and mop under and behind the

Outdoor Clean Up

  • Clean and repair flyscreens
  • Clean up the barbecue
  • Clear out the gutters
  • Pressure clean the house

Living Room

  • Dust and wash all mirrors, frames and
  • Vacuum the upholstery
  • Shampoo the carpets

Outdoor Maintenance

  • Repair the damaged fence palings
  • Test & clean out the pool water
  • Freshen up your house with a coat of paint
  • Fix the mailbox


  • Flip and rotate mattresses.
  • Clean out cupboard and get rid of all old
    and unwanted clothes.


  • Clean & disinfect the shower and tub.
  • Wash/scrub all glass and clear all lime scale.

All of this work might sound like a daunting endeavour. After all, who has time to clean out the gutters when there’s a fully stocked bar fridge that needs some urgent attention?

Do not fear, The Brisbane Handyman Brothers are here to help out. Whether it’s just some assistance with the particularly tough parts of your spring clean, or you need a Brother to take care of the whole project for you, we’re here to make your spring clean a breeze.

Call us now on 0427 454 718, or send us an e-mail at @handymanbrosemailaddress